Mitzvah Day Bulb Planting

A H Lambert,
Chairman – LHVT,


17th March 2016

Dear Mr Osbourne,



Mitzvah Day Bulb Planting, Letchmore Heath Village Green, November 2015

Now that Spring has arrived, the bulbs you planted last Autumn on the village green are showing themselves in their full glory! I have attached a photograph taken today.

It is my pleasure to thank you and the planting volunteers that you organised last Autumn for your wonderful work and contribution to the charm and beauty of our surroundings.

We are fortunate to live in such an attractive village, and recognise our duty to maintain and keep it looking at its best. So we are particularly grateful when others volunteer to help in that task.

I would like to express the appreciation of all who live in Letchmore Heath for the splendid work undertaken by you and your team of volunteers. We’ll enjoy the benefits of your work every Spring!

Please pass our thanks and warmest appreciation to all involved.

Yours sincerely,


Alan Lambert

Chairman – Letchmore Heath Village Trust.

c.c. Martin Worster, Mayor of Hertsmere.