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The 19th of April will mark the 100th anniversary of the death of Arthur Hawkins who was killed in action on 19th April 1916.

Arthur was 26 years old when he died and used to live at 2 Letchmore Cottages, he left the village on September 1914 to fight in France and Belgium never to return.

Arthur was the eldest son of Hanna and Henry William Hawkins, Henry was the son of “old” Henry and Mary Hawkins who lived at 3 Letchmore Cottages. When Henry and Hanna married in 1890 they moved into 3 Hill Cottages, where Arthur was born, but tragically somewhere between April and June 1897 Henry died at the age of 31 years (Arthur was only 7 at the time)  Hanna subsequently  moved into 2 Letchmore Cottages with Arthur and both his younger and baby brother, Hanna became a laundress working from home.

Arthur was born in 1890 and enlisted with the 8th Battalion of the Bedford Regiment at the start of WW1. Arthur’s battalion suffered heavy losses during a massed bombardment and raids on their lines during April 1916.  He has no known grave but is commemorated on the Ypres (Menin Gate) memorial in Ieper, West-Viaanderen, Belgium. There is also a stone memorial plaque set into the house wall of 2 Letchmore Cottages.

There are a further 4 of these plaques in the village commemorating those from the Village that were lost;
Arthur Burnell           Bernadine, The Green,
Ted Camp                    Landor Cottages, Back Lane.
Stanley Beal Camp   Landor Cottages, Back Lane.
Harry Walton Keen  The Old Bakery, Grange Lane.




New planning

There is a new planning application lodged for Letchmore Heath

The location and application No are    16/0355/FUL   The Grocery Institute (Aldenham Cottage)  Grange Lane

To view the application in full on the Hertsmere website please click here and type the above planning application number into the search box.

If you wish to make a comment on the application this should be sent to Planning Dept of HBC  by 26th April 2016


Letchmore Heath Village Newsletter 1st April

What’s on in April

Friday 1st Village bus
Monday 4th Book club
Thursday 7th Village tidy
Friday 8th Village bus
Friday 8th LH Police surgery
Tuesday 12th Business networking
Wednesday 13th Village social
Friday 15th Village bus
Friday 22nd Village bus
Thursday 28th Radlett police surgery
Friday 29th Village bus

Book club

The April book club meeting will be on Monday 4th April at 8 pm. Come along and join in, even if you haven’t read the current book, so you can find out what the next book will be.


Village Tidy

Please join us for a “Village Tidy” on Thursday 7 April 2016 at 10.00 starting outside The Three Horseshoes.
– litter pick
-tidying up the car park by the pond (please bring a sturdy rake or fork if you have one!)
-removing old notices
-washing signs
Everybody is welcome. Plastic bags will be provided, but please bring your own gloves.

Business Networking event

this will be held in the pub on Tuesday 12th April. A chance to meet up and network with a range of local small business owners, find out what they do and offer your products and services to a new audience.

Village social

the regular village social will be on Wednesday 13th April in the pub. All welcome.


there will be a quiz in the pub in April. Ask at the pub for details. Bring a team along or join one on the night and pit your wits against other locals.

Refuse collections

Due to the difficulty of manoeuvring the refuse lorries down some of our narrow lanes, Hertsmere have decided that there will no longer be door to door rubbish collections in Common Lane, Back Lane and New Road. This will also apply to Grange Lane until the road repairs have been carried out. Instead, the affected residents should take their rubbish down to the car park area by the pond where suitable large rubbish receptacles are going to be placed. The collections will remain on Thursdays. Hertsmere have said that if this scheme works well, they may consider replacing the door to door collection on the other roads in Letchmore Heath, which will save the council both considerable time and money, something they are keen to do in these times of budget cuts.

If you want any more information on this, please email

Village bus

as always, the village bus will leave the pub at 9.45 on a Friday morning and will collect from Watford at 12.15, returning to the village at 12.30. Don’t forget, the pub will be open from 9.30 for bus drivers and passengers to enjoy a cup of coffee before setting out for Watford.

Local Policing report

Hello, my name is Tim Conway and I am a PCSO for Aldenham West. I joined Hertfordshire Constabulary in April 2014 and was covering both East and West Aldenham since that date with support from my colleagues in the Bushey and Radlett Safer Neighbourhood Team.

In September I was joined in Aldenham by PCSO Barry Lovegrove. He has been a PCSO for about 12 years and brings a great deal of experience with him, he has taken over Aldenham East Ward so I can now concentrate on the Aldenham West Ward.

We run beat surgeries in Radlett Library at the end of each month, the next is on 28/04 between 1430-1630 hrs at the end of each month to discuss crime-related concerns with residents. In October I started running those for the rural community as well and although the progress has been slow we are developing an excellent rapport with the Aldenham West Residents. We will be carrying out Beat Surgeries on 08 April at The Three Horseshoes 0915-0945, Parish Church Aldenham, 10.00-1100, Battlers Greens Shops 1115-1215, Newberries School 1230-1315 and Osprey Close Watford 1400-1500 hrs.

We send details about local crimes and related crime prevention advice via our Online Watch Link (OWL). Please visit to sign up to this free service.

If you have any local policing issues you would like to raise with us, please contact the Safer Neighbourhood Team by email at or via the police non-emergency number 101. If a crime is in progress call 999 immediately.

PCSO Tim Conway 6263.


Save the Date

Midsummer’s Night Picnic, Saturday 18th June
The Aldenham War Memorial Hall committee is planning a village picnic on (nearly) midsummer’s night. Please keep the date free. More details will be forthcoming nearer the time.

Battlers Green Post Office

this has now been refurbished and Bala is looking forward to welcoming customers back. As you may know, he can arrange newspaper deliveries to addresses in Letchmore Heath. Please support this local shop.

By the way, Happy April Fool’s Day.

Nicky Weisfeld

Mitzvah Day Bulb Planting

A H Lambert,
Chairman – LHVT,


17th March 2016

Dear Mr Osbourne,



Mitzvah Day Bulb Planting, Letchmore Heath Village Green, November 2015

Now that Spring has arrived, the bulbs you planted last Autumn on the village green are showing themselves in their full glory! I have attached a photograph taken today.

It is my pleasure to thank you and the planting volunteers that you organised last Autumn for your wonderful work and contribution to the charm and beauty of our surroundings.

We are fortunate to live in such an attractive village, and recognise our duty to maintain and keep it looking at its best. So we are particularly grateful when others volunteer to help in that task.

I would like to express the appreciation of all who live in Letchmore Heath for the splendid work undertaken by you and your team of volunteers. We’ll enjoy the benefits of your work every Spring!

Please pass our thanks and warmest appreciation to all involved.

Yours sincerely,


Alan Lambert

Chairman – Letchmore Heath Village Trust.

c.c. Martin Worster, Mayor of Hertsmere.

Letchmore Heath Mini Village Newsletter – Mid March

Letchmore Heath Mini Village Newsletter

Mid March 2016

We regret to inform you of the death of long-time Mollie Bradshaw. Mollie lived in New Road for many years and worked locally when younger. She was a regular user of the village bus until her recent illness.  Her funeral will be held on Tuesday 22nd March at Aldenham Church at 2 pm. Our condolences to Mollie’s two children and the rest of her family.

The bus next week will be on THURSDAY 24th March as Friday is a bank holiday. Coffee in the village bar from 9.30. Bus departs from the pub at 9.45.

In case you haven’t heard, there are plans afoot to turn Newberries Car Park (behind Budgens) into an 80 bed hotel, plus supermarket and car park underneath. A number of Radlett residents, concerned about the threat to local shops and the reduction in available parking, have started a petition, which can be found at or search TRACKS on Facebook for more information.

Letchmore Heath Village Trust Minutes – 8th March 2016



Present: Alan Lambert  – Chair                     AL

David Lambert                                DL

Mike Pickford                                 MP

Jon Rose                                          JR

Linda Lambert – Acting Secretary  LL

Apologies: Alison Rose                                AR

Jon Buttriss                                 JB

Andy Cappuccini                        AC

Danny Williams                          DW


  1. Minutes of Meeting held on 18th February.

Minutes approved with two amendments:

– Litter pick – to be called Village Tidy.

– Elstree Aerodrome – EACC not aerodrome itself (yellow book).


2. Action from last Minutes.

– AR and MP website – acted on.

– All letters sent on behalf of LHVT will be copied to all committee members – need dates for website coaching sessions. JB.

– Local policeman (Tim Conway) – dates for his next visits to the village to go in newsletter and he is to be invited to the next village gathering in the pub.


3. Planning Applications.

Aldenham Cottage (IDG) – large extension to back of building (190sq m). No objections raised. AlanTelford to be told the LHVT would not be commenting.


After discussion it was agreed that any LHVT response to planning proposals should be agreed on an individual (case by case) basis.

4. Newsletter.

An excellent newsletter this month .

5. Trees.

LL has sent a letter to Mr. Evans at Aldenham Council and waiting reply. Copy to be sent to all on committee.


6. Elstree Aerodrome.

Further discussion to be held at next meeting.


7. Website / Letters / Address.

It was agreed that: – As there is no contact address on the letter heading for LHVT the person sending the letter will put their address on the top right hand corner.


– For letters in the public domain, names of addressee and sender will be included in any letters mounted on the LHVT website.

– JB will be asked to create a “Letter” section on website. After a month the letters (and any responses) will go into a file.


8.Village Tidy (Litter Pick).

Village Tidy details and invitation to participate will be featured in an extra Village Newsletter.

ACTION – MP & DL to write / arrange with Nicki.

Volunteers will be invited to meet on Thursday April 7th at 9.30am outside the Three Horseshoes (coffee / drinks available to buy Danny?).

The prime job is picking up litter. Full black sacks can be left by the litter bins on the  green and they will be collected with the weekly collection by the Council. Posts and  signs to be washed down. The condition of the entrance gates to the village to be  checked.  If work needs to be done on these, LHVT will contact IDG, Fusion and  Aldenham School to seek financial assistance.

9. Any Other Business.

AL – In order to enable Danny to attend meetings, it was agreed by those present to change monthly meeting dates of LHVT from the second to the fourth Tuesday of the month. This will be actioned if agreed by AR, AC and JB.


MP – when e-mails are sent round to committee members, please respond.

DL – Lee (the postman) is leaving the area and Amanda is going to collect money for him for a card/gift.

DL – we should thank the people who planted bulbs in Letchmore Heath recently – suggested we take a photo and write a letter.

DONM – TUESDAY 26TH APRIL, at THE ‘SHOES at 7.30 PROMPT (subject to agreement of AR, AC and JB and confirmation by AL).

Letter to HCC on Flytipping

Head of Waste and Street Scene,
Hertsmere borough Council

Dear Sir,

Flytipping in and around Letchmore Heath.

On behalf of Letchmore Heath residents, we would like to highlight the increasing occurrence of fly tipping on roads in and around the village.

Three regular tipping sites are:

  • Pegmire Lane – Often the whole road is blocked for days on end as rubbish and household waste is dumped in the middle of the road. Dumping occurs at a bend in the road which is out of sight of local residents.
  • Primrose Lane – This is becoming another popular place to dump lorry loads of rubbish.
  • Common Lane – The fly tipping in Common Lane has been across the whole road, but tends to be in the layby near Battlers Green Farm and in the entrance to the allotments and footpath half way down the road.

Apart from any environmental concerns, visual vandalism and disruption and inconvenience to locals and drivers there is also the cost to tax payers in having to fund council services to remove the illegally dumped household waste.

In order to deter or even possibly provide evidence leading to prosecution, Letchmore Heath Village Trust was wondering whether it would be possible to install CCTV cameras at known and repeatedly used tipping sites. Although recognising that there are no simple and foolproof solutions to this increasing problem, CCTV cameras (real or false) together with some appropriate signage may act as a worthwhile and cost effective deterrent.

We would be very interested to hear your comments and proposals.  It’s recognised that there is a fly tipping hotline, which is used regularly, but due to the continuing escalation of this problem we felt a letter appropriate.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,


Chairman LHVT

Letter to HCC on Potholes

Highways Locality Officer,
Hertfordshire County Council

Dear Sir,


The village of Letchmore Heath is accessed by three roads. Two of these – Grange Lane and Common Lane – are now in a dangerous state of disrepair and LHVT would appreciate your advice and help in addressing the issues involved.

Whilst road quality has been a continuing challenge, many Letchmore Heath residents (as well as other road users) now have genuine concerns for personal safety as well as for any damage to vehicles or causing further deterioration to road surface and erosion of roadside banks.

Grange Lane has a series of deepening ruts and dips as well as three or four deep potholes. These cause vehicles to swerve to avoid them, and as some of these are near a sharp bend on a narrow road with banks either side, it’s easy to visualise the safety issues arising. Passing approaching vehicles is a lottery. Significant vehicle damage has already been reported.

The road surface in Common Lane – an even narrower road with high banks either side – continues to rapidly deteriorate. There are a number of potholes with one large pothole continually reappearing even after repair.

Common Lane is as a major conduit through the village and used for daily access by many parents from the Radlett / St Albans area taking their children (usually in large 4 x 4s) to Aldenham School.

The third access road to the village is Aldenham Road, which is subject to regular flooding, even when the weather has not been as wet as recent months. This road has benefitted from recent minor repair work at the flood site.

On behalf of Letchmore Heath residents, we would greatly appreciate and thank you for your active support in improving the roads serving the village.

Yours sincerely,


Chairman LHVT

Fly Tipping

flytipping-op-feb-2016_cropIn an effort to clamp down both on fly tipping and the road worthiness of waste carrying vehicles, a multi-agency operation took place recently.

The operation, involving specialist and Safer Neighbourhood Team officers from Hertfordshire Constabulary and council officers from our Environmental Health team took place on Friday 12 February and focused on access points to known fly tipping hot spots in the borough. A number of stop checks were carried out on commercial vehicles.

In total, 19 vehicles were stopped, prompting four waste licence enquiries to be carried out. Three drivers were dealt with for vehicle defect offences and ‘Smart Water’ was applied to one vehicle as a crime prevention measure.

Fly-tipping is a criminal offence and can really blight an area. Anybody who passes waste to an unknown person without exchanging traceable paperwork immediately commits an offence. This also applies to local residents, who should not pay to have waste removed from their property without first checking that the person removing the waste is a licensed waste carrier, and always obtain a receipt.

Fly-tipping can be reported via;
or by calling
020 8207 7480

If you see fly-tipping offences taking place, please contact the police via 999.

Local Police Alerts

OWL keeps communities safe, helps reduce crime and keeps people informed of what’s going on locally. It’s a shared, secure platform for the public and local authorities to maximise the potential of Neighbourhood Watch, Rural Watch, Business Watch and dozens of other schemes. OWL sends you the latest local crime alerts and provides management tools for maintaining and expanding watches.

To Join OWL for Letchmore Heath please click here

Proposed development at Bhaktivedanta Manor

Dear Villagers

Are you aware of the proposed development at Bhaktivedanta Manor for which they have put in a planning application on the back of the Planning Brief which was approved in 2012.

Full information on the proposed development can be seen on the Hertsmere web site

LHVT have submitted the attached letter to Hertsmere Borough Council which sets out our concerns.  Specifically around;

• Traffic Management

• Noise

• Limit on Permitted Rights

• Post Code

• Signage

Click here to view the LHVT letter to the council.

We would welcome any comments you have on this proposed development and your comments on the attached letter.

Noticeboard being replaced

Hi all,

A note from Aldenham Parish Council.

I just wanted to let you know that the Groundstaff are taking down the noticeboard at Letchmore Heath.

It is now causing a Health and Safety issue as part of the legs are rotten and could collapse at any point.

The replacement is now an item on the next Parks and Open Spaces agenda.

Lucy Jackman
Commmunity Development Officer
Aldenham Parish Council

Letchmore Heath Parish Noticeboard

War Memorial repair

We shall never forget...

We shall never forget…

Aldenham Parish Council has had approval to undertake remedial work on the War Memorial in Letchmore Heath.  The refurbishment will consist of cleaning the memorial and repair of the plinth & surrounding path; work is scheduled to commence in February 2015.