Mitzvah Day Bulb Planting

A H Lambert,
Chairman – LHVT,


17th March 2016

Dear Mr Osbourne,



Mitzvah Day Bulb Planting, Letchmore Heath Village Green, November 2015

Now that Spring has arrived, the bulbs you planted last Autumn on the village green are showing themselves in their full glory! I have attached a photograph taken today.

It is my pleasure to thank you and the planting volunteers that you organised last Autumn for your wonderful work and contribution to the charm and beauty of our surroundings.

We are fortunate to live in such an attractive village, and recognise our duty to maintain and keep it looking at its best. So we are particularly grateful when others volunteer to help in that task.

I would like to express the appreciation of all who live in Letchmore Heath for the splendid work undertaken by you and your team of volunteers. We’ll enjoy the benefits of your work every Spring!

Please pass our thanks and warmest appreciation to all involved.

Yours sincerely,


Alan Lambert

Chairman – Letchmore Heath Village Trust.

c.c. Martin Worster, Mayor of Hertsmere.


Letchmore Heath Mini Village Newsletter – Mid March

Letchmore Heath Mini Village Newsletter

Mid March 2016

We regret to inform you of the death of long-time Mollie Bradshaw. Mollie lived in New Road for many years and worked locally when younger. She was a regular user of the village bus until her recent illness.  Her funeral will be held on Tuesday 22nd March at Aldenham Church at 2 pm. Our condolences to Mollie’s two children and the rest of her family.

The bus next week will be on THURSDAY 24th March as Friday is a bank holiday. Coffee in the village bar from 9.30. Bus departs from the pub at 9.45.

In case you haven’t heard, there are plans afoot to turn Newberries Car Park (behind Budgens) into an 80 bed hotel, plus supermarket and car park underneath. A number of Radlett residents, concerned about the threat to local shops and the reduction in available parking, have started a petition, which can be found at or search TRACKS on Facebook for more information.

Letchmore Heath Village Trust Minutes – 8th March 2016



Present: Alan Lambert  – Chair                     AL

David Lambert                                DL

Mike Pickford                                 MP

Jon Rose                                          JR

Linda Lambert – Acting Secretary  LL

Apologies: Alison Rose                                AR

Jon Buttriss                                 JB

Andy Cappuccini                        AC

Danny Williams                          DW


  1. Minutes of Meeting held on 18th February.

Minutes approved with two amendments:

– Litter pick – to be called Village Tidy.

– Elstree Aerodrome – EACC not aerodrome itself (yellow book).


2. Action from last Minutes.

– AR and MP website – acted on.

– All letters sent on behalf of LHVT will be copied to all committee members – need dates for website coaching sessions. JB.

– Local policeman (Tim Conway) – dates for his next visits to the village to go in newsletter and he is to be invited to the next village gathering in the pub.


3. Planning Applications.

Aldenham Cottage (IDG) – large extension to back of building (190sq m). No objections raised. AlanTelford to be told the LHVT would not be commenting.


After discussion it was agreed that any LHVT response to planning proposals should be agreed on an individual (case by case) basis.

4. Newsletter.

An excellent newsletter this month .

5. Trees.

LL has sent a letter to Mr. Evans at Aldenham Council and waiting reply. Copy to be sent to all on committee.


6. Elstree Aerodrome.

Further discussion to be held at next meeting.


7. Website / Letters / Address.

It was agreed that: – As there is no contact address on the letter heading for LHVT the person sending the letter will put their address on the top right hand corner.


– For letters in the public domain, names of addressee and sender will be included in any letters mounted on the LHVT website.

– JB will be asked to create a “Letter” section on website. After a month the letters (and any responses) will go into a file.


8.Village Tidy (Litter Pick).

Village Tidy details and invitation to participate will be featured in an extra Village Newsletter.

ACTION – MP & DL to write / arrange with Nicki.

Volunteers will be invited to meet on Thursday April 7th at 9.30am outside the Three Horseshoes (coffee / drinks available to buy Danny?).

The prime job is picking up litter. Full black sacks can be left by the litter bins on the  green and they will be collected with the weekly collection by the Council. Posts and  signs to be washed down. The condition of the entrance gates to the village to be  checked.  If work needs to be done on these, LHVT will contact IDG, Fusion and  Aldenham School to seek financial assistance.

9. Any Other Business.

AL – In order to enable Danny to attend meetings, it was agreed by those present to change monthly meeting dates of LHVT from the second to the fourth Tuesday of the month. This will be actioned if agreed by AR, AC and JB.


MP – when e-mails are sent round to committee members, please respond.

DL – Lee (the postman) is leaving the area and Amanda is going to collect money for him for a card/gift.

DL – we should thank the people who planted bulbs in Letchmore Heath recently – suggested we take a photo and write a letter.

DONM – TUESDAY 26TH APRIL, at THE ‘SHOES at 7.30 PROMPT (subject to agreement of AR, AC and JB and confirmation by AL).